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Three Successful Bloggers Who Keep Me Inspired

As a newbie blogger – this could be stating the obvious – but reading blogs is a part of my daily routine. It helps me maintain an enthusiastic approach to my blog whilst learning along the way! Whether it be a healthy new recipe I’ve found or money saving tips, in this day and age blogs are the saviours!

During my time as a member of the blog-o-sphere (I’ve been dying to use this term for ages!) Seeing these women gain success from simply embracing their creativity and sharing it with the world is more inspiring to me than watching Homecoming by Beyonce and it’s something I’m sure to remind myself of when I’m on the verge of giving up.

Anyway, today I’m sharing three blogs I discovered on my journey which I have fallen and remain in love with – take a look, they might do the same for you!

1. What Olivia Did

OG Blogger Olivia Purvis started her blog in 2010. She was the first blog I had come across that I immediately became obsessed with as she touched on intricates from all things fashion to food! Something I’ve learnt over the years I’ve been following her – Liv really knows how to write something you really want to read.

The main reason Liv’s blog drew me in is how real and raw she is. She’s not afraid to take a no makeup selfie and she often sports a natural makeup glow – something that’s a necessity in society today to remind females from all ages that it’s ok to show the world the real YOU.

Not only is Liv a fab blogger and Instagrammer but, she is also the founder of The Insecure Girls Club. It’s a community where women can come together to rant about or flaunt their vulnerabilities and receive words of encouragement to work towards embracing them! You can check out her blog here and The Insecure Girls Club here.

2. Jess Who

When looking for Nottingham specific bloggers in a desperate attempt to locate some inspiration, Jess’ blog popped up and I immediately fell in love with it and her journey – so much so I spent hours reading through her published posts and immediately followed her on Instagram and Facebook!

Jess went from working in admin to bagging a role as a Junior Content Editor and is now a full-time freelance Social Media Manager – talk about goals! From being a freelancer, recently purchasing her own home and running her blog, Jess is the definition of an all-around boss babe! Not only that but, she also runs networking events for Bumble in Nottingham. Discovering this confirmed that Jess was someone I needed to follow for that creative inventiveness.

Her overall blog covers a variety of lifestyle-related topics but I love how much she touches on her career and the challenges of it. It’s particularly reassuring to see that even those who may seem like they have it all figured out – have plenty of hiccups along the way too.

Click here to take a read of my favourite post from Jess and have a wander around her blog whilst you’re at it!

3. Olivia Gold

Olivia Gold is someone who caught my attention rather recently but, I’ve been following her ever since.

Not only does she promote diversity in such a the blogging world – which if I do say so myself is highly lacking – she is also a successful Marketing Manager. After discovering a gap in the creative marketing world she embraced the lack of variety and made it her mission to educate other females like her about the marketing world. Through the creation of her channel “Life of a Marketing Girl”, she analyses the industry and gives fantastic tips on employability.

What made me really admire Olivia and her journey was reading about how she got into marketing. She talked about the struggles she had and how being a woman of colour meant she had to persist! In today’s society, it can often feel impossible to succeed as we can often be made to feel like there’s always going to be someone “better” or someone with more connections but her story really shows hard work does pay off!


Aside from the obvious motivational journey, this girl has been on, her style is to die for. Often giving simple chic vibes, Olivia pulls off almost any outfit and hairstyle! Take a look at some of her simple yet stylish ensembles.

Sometimes, feeling motivated by other people can almost make you feel like a bit of a fraud. I often feel like my inspiration should come from me and me alone otherwise it’s as if I’m losing credit for my work but, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Inspiration is what fuels motivation and results in us being the successful creatives, corporate workers, influencers and so on we are today!

Who inspires you to accomplish your goals and why? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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