Three Confessions of An Employed Millennial

Are you even a millennial if you don’t want to be self-employed?

Now, I don’t know if it’s a “trend” or it’s just coming to the realisation that there is more to life but, don’t you feel like it’s almost mandatory to be creative in this day and age? Especially as a millennial, if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that we don’t want a full-time job unless we work for ourselves. From travelling to modelling to photography (and literally anything else that is deemed creative) you name it, we want to do it. I can’t speak for everyone but I think I definitely speak for the majority when I outline my five confessions as to why we don’t want a simple 9-5 office job.


1. We don’t want jobs, we want careers.


I’m not sure how other people differentiate a job from a career but personally, for me, a job is something that pays the bills for now until something better comes along, a career is a dream – it’s that one thing you can see yourself happily putting all your time and energy into because it not only pays well but it satisfies you mentally – you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. In terms of a job being nothing but a “short term paycheck” – as I like to call it – not only is the professional growth minimal but the motivation to go above and beyond for something you don’t really have an interest in is pretty much non-existent.

I believe as a millennial we are the perfect examples to younger generations that, you don’t need to settle just to pay the bills.



2. We’re not lazy or unbothered, we just don’t respect the crappy typical workplace “rules”.


I could go off on this one for ages. Who the hell wants to work somewhere you’re penalised for a few minutes late or being off sick? Who wants to attend boring hour-long meetings for something that could be communicated in a simple email? Why should we have to wear clothes that OTHER PEOPLE deem “smart”? Not only are these outdated rules but they’re just bloody stupid.

Prioritising how many times someone has had off sick as opposed to how efficiently and effectively they get the job done is honestly RIDICULOUS and we millennials have started to clock on. Why would we want to work for a company whose actions don’t align with the values they claim? We wouldn’t and evidently – we won’t.

Furthermore, I don’t see how wanting to get things done quickly makes us lazy – if anything we’re probably the most efficient and innovative generation to date.


3. We don’t want to work our lives away.


It doesn’t matter what your full-time role is or what salary you’re on. If you’re in full-time employment you have definitely at some point thought you were wasting your life away.

You know that feeling you get on a Friday when the weekend is almost here and you literally can’t wait – that’s not a good thing.

We don’t want to live for the weekend, we don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. We want to a regular income from doing what we enjoy so it doesn’t take away the aspect of living.

It doesn’t matter how much employers try to convince you they have a great “work-life balance” scheme – the reality of the situation is, we’d rather work a lot longer hours on something we’re passionate about with an outcome of a decent profit than work shorter hours in a crappy job to pay for someone else’s 3 villa’s, 5 yachts and child’s private school fees.



At the end of the day, we’re a generation who realised we don’t have or need to succumb to the typical “adult life”. As a generation who grew up during the implementation of technology we literally have all the information in the world at our fingertips – making it easier to learn whatever we want. We refuse to waste that information and are the biggest innovators a generation has seen thus far. If we can’t embrace that, what can we do? Remember being little and your parents telling you can do WHATEVER you put your mind to – that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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