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Three Amazing Yoga Studios in Nottingham You Must Visit

Since September last year – when I attended my first ever yoga class – it’s safe to say my relationship with yoga has blossomed into something pretty special. From the queen of tight hips to a bird of paradise, yoga has done wonders for both my body and my mind. I think it might even be safe to say I am now officially a yogi! With the increasing popularity of all things health and fitness – yoga and meditation are definitely up there with building a booty. After a week of attending a handful of classes at different studios, I thought it’d be a great idea to tell you about three of my favourite yoga studios in Nottingham and why you should visit!


1. Hotpod Yoga Nottingham

hotpod yoga

Where: Nottingham City Centre/ West Bridgford/ Newark.

Style: Vinyasa flow – suitable for all levels.

Hotpod Yoga isn’t your usual yoga class/studio – it’s so much more! Firstly, the class takes place in a 20 person inflatable pod with a temperature of 37 degrees – so be prepared to get super sweaty! You’re guaranteed to be greeted by a friendly face and once you step into the pod its as if you left all your worries at the door. The heat of the pod mixed with the subtle scents and relaxing sounds is self-care at it’s finest! They offer three different class styles that do increase in difficulty but the teachers always offer modifications and assistance so that each class caters to all! If you’re a first timer I would absolutely recommend starting at Hotpod and I promise you’ll be obsessed. Did I mention you get mini massages!?

2. Coco Flow Studio

coco studio

Where: Nottingham City Centre

Style: Vinyasa flow – suitable for all levels.

Founded by The Coco Collective, sisters Sally + Kat bring us all things aesthetically pleasing. Newly opened Coco Studio is an Instagrammer Yogi’s heaven – is that a thing? I believe I just made it one. Aside from all the photo ops, Coco Studio is a nice alternative to Hotpod if you don’t feel like drowning in sweat. However, Sally is also a Hotpod teacher so she brings the comfort of the pod without all of the heat – but it is vinyasa so expect to still sweat! My favourite thing about this class is my favourite thing about all Yoga classes – Savasana! From eye masks to leg cushions you’re guaranteed to drift off. But don’t worry, there’s a cute, dog-friendly coffee shop downstairs – the perfect post-yoga pick me up.

3. at1.SPACE


Where: Triumph Road (UoN Jubilee Campus)

Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, HIIT, Pilates & Meditation.

Just walking into at1.SPACE makes you feel like the vision of health you aspire to be. With a variety of classes and workshops – this holistic hub provides mindfulness in a way that suits you. It consists of a hot yoga/yoga studio, cafe and juice bar and retail area- the entire studio is just a vision of health. The bar and kitchen area offer smoothies, vegan treats and more! It is the perfect place to refuel post flow.

Final note: be prepared for challenging flow that safely tests your limits when taking Mumtaz’ class!

Do you have a favourite yoga studio in Nottingham? Drop me a comment below with the details! Alternatively, if you’re based in Nottingham and fancy going to a class but are a little hesitant – drop me a message on Instagram – I’d be happy to accompany you!

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