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Sweaty Betty: Power Leggings Review

If you follow me on Instagram there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed my ongoing obsession with Sweaty Betty and hand on heart – I have no regrets.

This all started when I became friends with the lovely Store Manager at SB Nottingham, always seeing her in such cute casual/activewear and looking fab meant I couldn’t resist buying my first pair of SB leggings.

I’d always wanted a pair of SB leggings but the price often put me off as compared to the likes of Gymshark and Alphalete – SB is definitely high end. So, during one of their amazing sales (they have the best discounts) I got my first pair of Contours for £30! After that, I was hooked. I purchased their amazing Metallic Rose Gold Bottle which is suitable for both hot and cold drinks – you can purchase a cheaper alternative here! I then purchased a few other pieces including some of the thermo-dynamic leggings and matching sports bra!

Sweaty Betty purple sports bra with logo

At this point, I was definitely obsessed with SB but still preferred my Gymshark Energy Seamless leggings for weightlifting. That was until I experienced the Power Leggings.

I am not exaggerating when I say these leggings are second to none. You know how you see brands talking about their products being like “second skin” well, these are just that and honestly they speak for themselves.

Despite all the pro’s I’ve already mentioned about SB and their products, the best thing about the Power’s (aside from them being sweat wickering and squat proof) is that they do not move. Have you ever heard of a pair of leggings being super stretchy and supportive? You have now.


Sweaty Betty Power Leggings and Sports Bra
Sweaty Betty Power Leggings and Sports Bra

I remember first wearing my Power’s to Yoga and not once did I have to stop my flow and pull them up a little. I wore them again to the gym for a heavy leg session and after finishing my squats, they were still perfectly in place. It was legit like voodoo because I did not think leggings like this existed and believe me, I’ve tried more than my fair share of leggings.


If the price is putting you off – think long term. These leggings will last and the quality makes it so worth it! Instead of wasting £80 on two pairs of leggings that’ll rip in a month or two I’d definitely advise investing in some powers!


Keep an eye out for SB sales and sign up for their newsletter for 15% off your first order!


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