It’s so nice to have you!

I’m Shanice –  a 25-year-old creative from Nottingham. If I’m not in the gym throwing around some heavy weights I’m probably getting sweaty at Hotpod Yoga trying to perfect my Warrior II, somewhere in a cute café writing and drinking a latte or chilling on my sofa draped in faux fur throws binge-watching Netflix.

Now the not-so-witty specifics are out of the way, here’s a bit of background about me because well, this is the about me page. After leaving University, without finishing, surviving the possibly worst year of my life and working my way up the corporate ladder but being very unsatisfied, I realised something VERY important.


Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them.



I think – although it kills me to admit this, I spend a lot of time expecting things to just happen to me without doing anything to manifest them. With my recent obsession with all things feminist and bettering myself, I’m so excited to embrace what I love and share my thoughts, feelings and ideas!
I started my first blog in early 2018 after seeing it as a way to explore my creative side and also using it as an outlet for all the problems a twenty-something year old faces – they count as real problems, right?

It was admittedly, a completely amateur blog but I just wanted something that allowed me to create content aka ramble on about random stuff. I went on to create THIS specific blog, after turning 25 and embracing my inevitable quarter life crisis – the same “crisis” resulted in the realisation of my “why” and pushed me to just go for what I bloody love to do and not stop! So, my love for writing and creative desire basically had a love child and What Shan Wrote was born. Whether it’s my obsession with squatting as much flipping weight as my body can handle or my powerlessness when it comes to NOT eating ALL the food – I’m here to share!


Although this is a lifestyle blog, I do want you guys to know I won’t hold back – I’m not one to force it so, despite the presence of inevitable fashion and travel posts you’ll also see content that exposes the raw and real me. I have no issue with speaking on the real stuff – from mental illnesses to bad relationships – if I feel people will be able to relate to it or it’ll help even just one person then I’m happy!


I hope you enjoy your time on my blog and I welcome all feedback! If you wish to get in touch please visit my contact page.


Love Shan x